yet another XMPP instant messenger

yaxim going Professional!

Up-Update: the following text was posted on April Fools’ day, 2013. There is no commercial version of yaxim, and the only money making plans we have is to add donation support, sometime in the far future.

After almost four year of development, we are proud to announce that yaxim, our Open Source XMPP client, is sufficiently mature to fulfill even the needs of large corporate customers. And like with any project that grows from your garage to become a viable product, the day comes when its commercial future needs to be set.

Starting Tuesday, yaxim will adapt its pricing to the competitive levels set by the Mobile Network Operators with their new Rich Communication Services (also known as joyn™). However, there is no need to worry. For most of our loyal customers, the free Basic plan will be more than sufficient. For other customers, we offer the Standard, Advanced and Professional plans at reasonable monthly rates.