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VaxBot performance challenge

A few days ago, VaxBot, a new XMPP-based vaccination appointment notification service was launched in the USA. The service is recommending Monal and yaxim as client applications, and both apps by default register accounts on yax.im.

This has brought us hundreds of new users (per day) and a significant amount of new traffic from the notifications, sometimes up to 200 messages per second. The additional traffic load caused some short service interruptions in the last days, and we are working together with the VaxBot team on implementing mitigations.

New Anti-Spam Measures

Some days ago, we have rolled out a new anti-spam measure on our public XMPP server. Accounts registered from a malware infected computer or through an open proxy (unfortunately this also includes Tor exit nodes) are flagged by default and need a manual approval from the server admins to become fully usable.

Multi-day Message Archive Outage

The day after the upgrade to prosody-trunk, there was an interruption in the database connection to the server’s message archive. Due to this, no messages were stored in the users’ XEP-0313: MAM storage. For users who have more than one client, this will lead to incomplete synchronization: some messages will not arrive on all devices, and it will not be possible to synchronize the history for the past four days to newly installed devices. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

yaxim 0.9.9 - FOSDEM Edition

We are proud to present to you yaxim version 0.9.9 “FOSDEM 2020 Edition”. Many things have changed under the hood (reliable messaging with MAM and Push, new UI with runtime permissions), and some exciting new features like even easier onboarding, service browsing and Matrix support. Taken together, yaxim now fulfills the Core IM and the Advanced Mobile profiles of the XMPP Compliance Suite 2020.

yaxim 0.9.9 screenshot

yaxim Enters the Matrix

yaxim enters the Matrix

Starting today, yaxim is switching its protocol foundation from the deprecated exchange of clumsy and inefficient XML streams to the modern and elegant combination of HTTP and JSON/REST, the Matrix protocol.

Spam Reduction on yax.im

Jabber spam has become a huge problem over the last one or two years. Spammers register thousands of accounts on hundreds of public servers, and then send masses of messages to real and guessed Jabber addresses. The yax.im server operators are committed to fighting XMPP spam and helping others do so as well. In the last two weeks, yax.im automatically blocked 46996 messages from 14293 different accounts registered on 282 different servers.