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yaxim Enters the Matrix

yaxim enters the Matrix

Starting today, yaxim is switching its protocol foundation from the deprecated exchange of clumsy and inefficient XML streams to the modern and elegant combination of HTTP and JSON/REST, the Matrix protocol.

Spam Reduction on yax.im

Jabber spam has become a huge problem over the last one or two years. Spammers register thousands of accounts on hundreds of public servers, and then send masses of messages to real and guessed Jabber addresses. The yax.im server operators are committed to fighting XMPP spam and helping others do so as well. In the last two weeks, yax.im automatically blocked 46996 messages from 14293 different accounts registered on 282 different servers.

yaxim 0.9 - Security Update, Easy XMPP

There is a new yaxim release, fixing the CVE-2017-5589 security vulnerability. PLEASE UPGRADE NOW!. The vulnerability allowed attackers to make messages appear as if they were sent by somebody else:

Message impersonating the Pointy-Haired Boss

The release also provides a number of long-awaited improvements like Easy XMPP, Group chats, Android Auto, a new design and much much more.

yax.im DNS Issues

Currently, the yax.im service is experiencing connectivity problems (“remote-server-not-found” or “connection-timeout” on server-to-server links, “Unable to resolve yax.im” on clients) due to a DNS problem.

To support DNSSEC, we are moving the yax.im and yaxim.org domains to a different set of nameservers. It looks like the old nameservers for yax.im stopped resolving the domain before the 72h transition period was over; a support ticked has been opened for this. Please bear with us (or flush your resolver cache) until the issue has been fixed.