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yaxim (Yet Another XMPP Instant Messenger) is a lean Jabber/XMPP client for Android. It aims at usability, low overhead and security, and works on low-end Android devices starting with Android 4.0.

yax.im is a public XMPP service featuring support for mobile clients. Register yourname@yax.im now!

Why pay for text messages if you can have unlimited messaging on your data plan?

Follow @yaxim on Mastodon for server- and client-related updates.

yaxim Features

  • Easy configuration and usability, using one XMPP account
  • Keeping your connection when the phone is started and on mobile/WiFi network changes
  • Chatting with friends and in group chats
  • Sending and receiving of text messages, images and files
  • Managing of your contact list
  • more…


This is what yaxim users have to say about it:

Just works, no bullshit!

ta the yaxim MUC

At least the username is not _below_ the message like in other messengers I’ve seen.

freijon a Matrix Simulacrum

yaxim is a wonderful tiny chat client, that is running smoothly also on very low-end phones :-)

ifuknowh German Jabber MUC


You can reach us in our conference room yaxim@chat.yax.im. Tap [⋮] / [About] / [Contact] in yaxim or join via webchat.

Please also help us translating yaxim into your mother tongue!

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