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yaxim (Yet Another XMPP Instant Messenger) is a Jabber/XMPP client for Android. yaxim aims at security, low overhead and keeping your server connection open. So far, it only supports a single account.

yax.im is a public XMPP service featuring support for mobile clients. Register yourname@yax.im now!

Why pay for text messages if you can have unlimited messaging on your data plan?

yaxim Features

  • Connection with a single XMPP server (or GTalk, or Facebook Chat, or …)
  • Allows automatic connection after turning on your phone
  • Reconnect on 3G/WiFi network change
  • Chat with your buddies (yaxim stores your conversations!)
  • Adding/removing buddies from the roster
  • more…


You can reach us on the freenode IRC network, on #yaxim as well as on our conference room yaxim@chat.yax.im.

Please also help us translating yaxim into your mother tongue!

Issue tracker on GitHub