yet another XMPP instant messenger

yaxim Features

yaxim (Yet Another XMPP Instant Messenger) is an Open Source (GPLv3) chat application for Android. yaxim supports:

  • Connection with a single XMPP server
  • Security popup on self-signed/invalid TLS certificates
  • Automatic (re)connection after turning on your phone and when changing between mobile/WiFi networks
  • Chatting with friends and in group chats
  • Sending and receiving of text messages, images and files
  • Managing of your contact list

The yaxim design goals are, in their order of importance:

  • Usability for normal people (by following and advancing the Easy XMPP guidelines)
  • Low overhead: yaxim works on low-end Android devices starting with Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”
  • Security: the goal is to provide a pragmatic security level suitable for normal users

Implemented XEPs

An XMPP client can also be described by means of the Description Of A Project project, using this extended syntax:


Features planned for the mid-term future, starting with a cleanup and refactoring of the backend:

Nice to Have

Things to be implemented in the far future: