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Multi-day Message Archive Outage

The day after the upgrade to prosody-trunk, there was an interruption in the database connection to the server’s message archive. Due to this, no messages were stored in the users’ XEP-0313: MAM storage. For users who have more than one client, this will lead to incomplete synchronization: some messages will not arrive on all devices, and it will not be possible to synchronize the history for the past four days to newly installed devices. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

The issue happened on Friday, 2020-04-23, at 07:38 UTC, and continued until today, 2020-04-27, 16:29 UTC. Due to lack of automatic monitoring, it was not discovered sooner. We are currently investigating the root cause (and also monitoring the database connection very closely).

As the fallback “offline storage” mechanism was not affected, users should receive all messages on at least one of their devices.