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yaxim 0.8.7b - Maintenance Release

A new release of yaxim, 0.8.7b, has been made public today (ChangeLog, commit history).

The 0.8.7 release was timed for the XMPP Summit, and contained some little issues, which have been fixed since then. Many thanks go to the sedulous testers who contributed detailed problem reports.

Server Connection

A long-standing bug, where yaxim vehemently refused to reconnect to the server under certain conditions has been finally found and solved: when yaxim was configured for a server with SRV records (like yax.im) and the yaxim app was restarted by the OS when no network connection was available (or the SRV lookup failed for other reasons), yaxim always tried to connect to the service name, port 5222, until the app was stopped and re-started.

Some more (re)connection related issues in the XEP-0198 component have been found and fixed, including one where all contacts appeared as offline.

A new timeout mechanism for ongoing connection and disconnection attempts has been added, requiring a connection to be created successfully within 30 seconds.

When an invalid JID was configured by the user, or a custom port was set without a custom server name, yaxim crashed (#97). Now, the preference dialog is opened instead.

User Interface Changes

The preference and account preference dialogs have been fixed to properly display the action bar, including the “home” navigation button.

Furthermore, the distracting “yaxim: example@yax.im” popup in the status bar, that appeared on every connection change, has been removed. This also improves the user experience for smartwatch users (#123).