yet another XMPP instant messenger

Wanted: yax.im Yak Art

We need some cuddly cute Yaks for the new yax.im public XMPP service, and later for a redesign of the yaxim ctx icons.


The images should ideally be vector graphics (SVG). If not possible in another way, high-res bitmaps are ok. Licensing terms should allow modification and redistribution in a way compatible to a GPLv2/GPLv3 application.

No licensing fees, attribution is OK.

Multiple pictures for different purposes are needed:

1. Family

A yak family (it’s “yaks IM” after all): Papa Yak, Mama Yak, one or several Baby Yaks. (A nice approach to discriminate different roles)

No ideas on background. A transparent version should be available, plus maybe grass + hills.

2. Single Yak

One yak, facing the user, on transparent background. Used for ctx logo / announcements / web page (like Bruno).

3. Single Monochrome Yak

Same as #2, but it must be monochrome (just black and white) for use as Android notification icon.

4. Various Icons for In-App Use

Icons are needed for the Action Bar, for different user status displays etc. They do not need to be very cuddly, just very functional.

5. Further Image material (9-Patches)

Some elements (Action Bar background, Roster group background) are 9-patches to allow for pixel-perfect scaling of the area. From time to time, such images need to be created for the ctx.

Related Art

Here are the Yaks I like:

  • Submission by Argafal:

yak (original)